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* g5 @% M/ n9 r& d# c
. w2 P" c8 {/ d1 Q, H1 z  F- ^4 cIntroducing Promotional Properties/ G3 M1 o! e1 m0 A  y' D  g
2 j" A1 ?/ e! v* j9 i) k7 H: N5 T
Affiliate business models and promotional methods have evolved beyond links on websites, and now include properties like social media, mobile apps, browser extensions, and more.- E$ t6 n, R6 t9 e; p- h$ I

; J  O  Z( t( c4 y( S8 C4 oWe’re pleased to introduce Promotional Properties—a method to make it easier for you to describe how you promote and bring value to Advertisers in the network.& L  D0 c, e) w; t8 @4 A  M; Y7 X
Quick & Easy( H9 p% m7 U5 g) z. `
Migrate details about your existing PIDs, and create new ones, in just a few minutes. Tracking will not be affected—no need to pull new links.! B! u7 A+ e- z* p, R6 C. K- _6 N1 t
0 x- }! m% Z7 ~6 n( N
Visit Account > Websites to get started!
* g2 ^7 K, _- U: hClean Up Your Account
2 U6 M6 o5 c2 W9 K0 j2 @8 b4 nThis is a great time to clean up and archive any Websites or PIDs that you don’t plan on using anymore.
" m9 G5 @9 [: j' R6 XSetting You Up for Success
, G7 l& d: y' I- N' eThis new workflow will replace the legacy Add Website tab. Existing Website information will carry over, but you will need to select each PID’s category and promotional method—make sure you’re set up for success right away!
3 H' B' {1 J: IPromotional Properties API - In Progress!6 s; }0 i% F9 ^' e# c
If you’d like to migrate multiple Websites and PIDs in bulk, take advantage of our Promotional Properties API. Using this API is optional and is not required. We will be in touch once this API becomes available.
5 {( b+ F6 n2 g( f  L0 y. \  d( s7 V8 ?& n8 W# r) `- m. z8 i
Now it’s your time to shine! Tell them what you do, how you do it, and why you’re a great fit.
( h! @& ^, p# Q) I
& K. m  |0 O5 a$ I# U+ b) n: {5 t$ b( A# P# ~- J8 F

7 ]- a! d4 ], H! L' Z3 ]
: U" E5 @2 i6 Q9 Q, o1 o9 V1 g7 S% ]' ?+ p
* R/ N: `) b6 M4 c; D4 t/ }2 l! k
這封信的標題寫著action required, 如果我之前的website資料和推廣方式選項都填妥當了,不需要更改,一定也需要什么action嗎?
- T5 P/ I! R' R3 W+ Y! T' B1 R: L$ n5 ]% e" l; T) e7 u" r
  o- u* {5 p0 M( N3 M* q' f" M
, f5 a' q: F( ~$ `3 L
- L: r' o6 i- \# A# ]
# O: j) `+ G$ U$ X* j9 _" x+ w
+ M/ G; i6 U2 h; |7 O( N1 z
  a4 ^+ \) A2 r' G! E

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